Yucca Plant & Bamboo in Grey Oval Pot


Our exceptional artificial yucca plant used in this arrangement to create a 360 degree display of greenery for all to adore and bring life to any environment. The colouring shading and imperfections of nature are beautifully mirrored in this piece. We use the bamboo to coarsely break up the leaves and add vertical effect whilst maintaining the harmonious green.

All arranged in our carved neutral fibre ceramic pot to add to the earthy look. You'll never have to worry about watering this plant or the leaves ageing, they'll look perfect and stunning everyday.

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  • Width: 55cm
  • Height: 110cm


  • 2 x Yucca Plant
  • 3 x Bamboo
  • 1 x Grey Round Carved Fibre Cement Pot


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