Beautifully Bespoke

Shop for flawless faux plants and buy artificial trees. Perfect for dividing large areas and creating the distinct spaces. They are UV protects so place them outdoors indoors. Whilst searching for our flowers we found some amazing artificial plants and trees with quality that astounded us. The leaves are natural mixed tones of green and certainly no sharp plastic greens. The trees are made with real bark which really add to the authenticity. If you’re looking for greenery, these are not on the high street and are the best you will find.

If you can’t find the faux plant or artificial tree you are looking for simply Contact Us. We have other select items in our studio, not online; or we can source them for you.

Faux Plant Arrangements

Buy from our artificial plant shop and enjoy plants that don’t need continual care and attention and always look perfect. Complete with artificial bulbs and roots, you’ll be amazed how true to nature they are. We have both faux flowering plants and evergreen plants with a wide choice to spoil you for choice. Designs to reflect natural beauty; simple tulip plants to wild flowering woodlands. Encased in contemporary pots and rugged hand carved plant pots.

Artificial Hedges, Shrubs & Bushes

Buy artificial hedges, shrubs and bushes in our plant shop and never again worry about them loosing their shape or the continual need for care with trimming and pruning. The most popular being the boxwood, ours come UV protected so do not fade like the cheaper lesser quality imitations. Making them ideal of indoors, by windows and outdoors depending what you need. Available as rectangular or round shaped hedge. We arrange them in pure white pots for the modern look or stone pots for a rugged display.

Artificial Trees

Buy artificial trees in our tree shop and bring the indoors with our incredible fake trees. Without growing out of control, these are completely maintenance free. Our fake trees are completely unique in that they are made with real tree bark, this adds natural and makes them one of our most popular items – you will not be disappointed. So why not bring the outdoors inside with our gingko biloba, rosemary, sweet bay and more. We offer individual trees and tree arrangements which have been pimped up a touch of faux flowers or foliage.

If you can’t find what you are looking for simply call 020 7438 2077 or Contact Us. We have other selected plants and trees in our studio, not online; or we can source them for you.